Thursday, August 15, 2013

#044 Why should I write this autobiographical blog?

Not because I want to boost my ego / self-image or indulge in self-pity or self-praise.

I recall that it was Al Beruni of 11th Century CE who said that Indians had no sense of history.

Probably, he might have been right, considering that we do not get sufficient materials to record history, because Indians rarely write their diaries, or record their logs.

Except some stone inscriptions made by kings while granting land to temples, or a few pillars planted by kings as tokens for their victories during expeditions, few realistic accounts are avaialble about what would have happened during centuries gone-by.

Consequently, historians depend on dug-up terracotta and coins for assessing and describing the culture of those eras.

Even for the 20th Century, not much written material is available to depict Indian History of all the States. Indian history cannot simply mean history of Delhi and its surroundings. Every State, more accurately every District and tahsil (tAlUk) in India can have its own in-depth histories. Though District Collectorates, maintain some dossiers of the history of the District, the Collectors and their staff have little time to spare on recording events.

I feel that every Indian (or every citizen of this world/earth) should write his autobiographial accounts. Not because he-she will have something to brag about, but because when they record the events of their own life, something else relating to the society around them will also get presented, intentionally, or unintentionally. And those spills-out will provide the material for writing the histories of Districts, States, India, Asia and the Earth.

It is worth recalling what the great poet Late Shri Shri wrote. nEnu saitamu prapancAgniki samidhanokkaTi AhuticcAnu nEnu saitamu viSvasrIshTiki aSruvokkaTi dhAra pOsAnu nEnu saitamu bhuvanaghOshaku verrigontuka nicci mOSAnu.
gist I also added a piece of wood to the sacrificial-pyre of this world! I also added a drop of my tear to this Creation and Cosmos! I also added a foolish voice to this Great Noise of the Universe and carried the Sound ahead!
Following these anguish-filled words of Shri-Shri, I too wish to add my voice to the history of the 20th and 21st Centuries. These additions of mine may not have any tenable or tangible value.
Indira Gandhi too, during her reign got a time-capsule of history, buried into a deep pit with all official festivities. (To continue).

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